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Dog Party Hats - $5.00

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This listing includes 8 different printable dog party hats in a mix of 4 colors (light blue, pink, yellow and salmon) , featuring 6 of my adorable hand-drawn puppy dogs. Print as many hats as needed for your party.

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Instand Download Printables

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  • Printable Set of 8 "Pawty Animals" Dog Party Hats featuring 6 of my hand-drawn Puppy Dogs
  • Immediately Printable on A4 or US Letter 8.5"x11" paper
  • sized to fit party goers and can be printed at a reduced scale to fit your furry or stuffed friends
  • Print as many hats as needed for your party
  • Print hats onto cardstock and cut out printed hats.
  • For each hat, fold on dotted line and adhere flap to backside of opposite end, using your choice of hot glue, glue stick or tape, forming a cone.
  • Punch holes where desired and tie onto child’s head using string.

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Party Themes

Adopt a Puppy Dog Party (Teal)

Kids LOVE dogs and my hand-drawn dogs are too dog gone cute. If you've got a birthday coming up, an Adopt a Puppy themed party is a fur-rific choice.

Purchase a stuffed puppy for each child as a party favor and let the children pick a pet to adopt! Set out my adoption activity printables along side some pipe cleaner and colorful beads so party goers can make a collar for their pet, any doctor's toys you may have so the pets can get their pre-adoption checkup, some favor boxes and markers, stickers etc. so the child can build a house for their new pet and your child is sure to have a party that is stuffed with fun!

Paws and Claws Cupcake Decorating Party (Puppy Dog Teal)

Want a party as sweet as your little one? When in doubt, cupcake it out! A cupcake decorating party is a quick, easy and as sweet as it can be. Make some cupcakes a head of time (or buy premade cupcakes at your local grocery store) and set out an assortment of toppings. You can theme up your toppings by setting out things like pretzels ("fetching sticks"), puppy chow, scooby snacks ("dog bones") or have items available for making the top of the cupcake look like a puppy! Just be sure to get a picture of each child with their creation before they devour it. The sticky fingers will wash away but the memories will last fur-ever!