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Printable Make a Blanket Sign Puppy - $3.00

- Printable 8"x10" and 4"x6" "Pawty Dogs" Make a Blanket for the Shelter sign featuring my hand-drawn Dachshund puppy dog

Party Themes

Puppy Party (Pink and Red)

Kids LOVE dogs and my hand-drawn dogs are too dog gone cute. If you've got a birthday coming up, a puppy themed party is a fur-rific choice.

I have printables for a puppy cupcake baking/decorating theme party, a paint party, as well as a puppy adoption theme party - where you purchase a stuffed puppy for each child as a party favor and let them "adopt" the puppy.

You really cannot go wrong with puppies, and I've got this popular party in several color schemes to choose from.


elizabethhadley3 on 5/10/2022

Everything I have ordered has been beautiful, quick, and customized with excellent customer service.