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Dance Party Food Labels Printable Party - $5.00


• Can contact me for help/assistance.

• Try Before You Buy:

• Can change food names

• Can change font colors around

• Can change fonts

• Can export to a PDF file

• Can print as many copies as you need

• Can print at home or at the printer of your choice

• Find a mistake in your download? You can download 7 times!


• Cannot change the size of the template (7"x10.5" only - for small 1 oz single serving chip bags)

• Cannot modify, move or delete the background graphics (background color, disco ball and rays, flag banner, photo placeholder, or the PaintedWhiteLines logo included on the back design)

• Cannot sell or distribute the resulting file

• Cannot use link after it's 90 days expiration

• Cannot download the resulting food labels more than 7 times

Party Themes

Let's Glow Crazy Dance Party

Looking for a super easy party for your child? Look no further! A glow in the dark dance party is perfect for kids of all ages. Strategically place some lamps minus their shades around a large room and replace the blubs with blacklight bulbs! If you are having your party during the day, and you've got windows, block out any light by covering them with black plastic construction trash bags. Glow sticks, necklaces and bracelets can be purchased at dollar stores and make awesome party favors! You can even make an amazing glow in the dark dance floor by taping some neon paper to your floor (some colors work better than others so be sure to test out your papers with your black light before taping down), with a thick piece of painter's plastic over it, secured at edges with tape. Serve themed food (see my food labels for some great ideas) and let the kids Glow Crazy!