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Pet Check-Up Party Activity - $4.00

Pet Vet Printable (Adopt a Puppy Dog Party Game) MATCHING ITEMS _________________________ DESCRIPTION _________________________ Kids LOVE animals and kids LOVE pretend play. What better way to keep active kids active than to host a pet themed party? Purchase a stuffed pet for each child, set out a toy doctor's kit (or any medicine cups and syringes you have) and let their imaginations do the rest. This set includes a printable Give Your Pet a Check-Up sign, a printable Exam Form and printable X-ray Forms. Print as many signs and forms as needed for your party. NOTE: this is a digital instant download item and NO PHYSICAL ITEM WILL BE SHIPPED. Download is in PDF format. Download is in PDF format for easy printing on A4 or US Letter 8.5"x11" cardstock or standard printer paper. DETAILS _________________________ - Printable 8"x10" Give Your Pet a Check-Up sign - Printable 5"X7" pet Exam Form perfect for mini clipboards - Printable ~5.5"X8.5" X-Ray Form - Immediately Printable on A4 or US Letter 8.5"x11" paper COPYRIGHT NOTICE _________________________ Copyright © 2022 PAINTEDWHITELINES. For Personal Use Only. All rights reserved. You may not resell or distribute any applicable corjl link or resulting files. Applicable Templates are available for 90 days after purchase. Downloads are limited to 7. All digital sales are final.

Party Themes

Puppy Party (Black and White)

Kids LOVE dogs and my hand-drawn dogs are too dog gone cute. If you've got a birthday coming up, a puppy themed party is a fur-rific choice.

I have printables for a puppy cupcake baking/decorating theme party, a paint party, as well as a puppy adoption theme party - where you purchase a stuffed puppy for each child as a party favor and let them "adopt" the puppy.

You really cannot go wrong with puppies, and I've got this popular party in several color schemes to choose from.