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Pet Check-Up Party Activity - $4.00

  • Printable 8"x10" Give Your Pet a Check-Up sign
  • Printable 4"x6" Give Your Pet a Check-Up sign
  • Printable 5"X7" pet Exam Form perfect for mini clipboards
  • Immediately Printable on A4 or US Letter 8.5"x11" paper

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Have I got a Pawsitively Pawesome party for you! If you've got a birthday coming up, a cat and dog themed Adopt a Pet party is a fur-rific choice. My printables will ensure that your party isn't ruff around the edges!


Amy on 6/21/2022

Absolutely awesome!! The kids (ages 6-12) absolutely loved this activity - even the big kids. We used mini clipboards and toy check-up stuff. I also had bowls of candy and mini mason jars for the kids to mix up their own custom ôPuppy Vitaminsö mix. ?? They truly had a blast. IÆm printing out extra