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English Bulldog Dog Party Printable - $2.00

  • 8" x 10"
  • super cut English Bulldog Dog Printable

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Puppy Party (Teal)

Kids LOVE dogs and my hand-drawn dogs are too dog gone cute. If you've got a birthday coming up, an Adopt a Puppy themed party is a fur-rific choice.

Purchase a stuffed puppy for each child as a party favor and let the children pick a pet to adopt! Set out my adoption activity printables along side some pipe cleaner and colorful beads so party goers can make a collar for their pet, any doctor's toys you may have so the pets can get their pre-adoption checkup, some favor boxes and markers, stickers etc. so the child can build a house for their new pet and your child is sure to have a party that is stuffed with fun!


Carly on 4/8/2023