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Pet Check-Up Party Activity - $4.00

Matching cat and dog themed party items: Alternate cat and dog themed color scheme: Matching Dogs only party items: Alternative blue Dogs only party items: Teal Cats only: Kids LOVE animals and kids LOVE pretend play. What better way to keep active kids active than to host a pet themed party? Purchase a stuffed puppy or kitty for each child, set out a toy doctor's kit and let their imaginations do the rest. This set includes a printable Give Your Pet a Check-Up sign in two sizes and a printable Exam Form. Print as many signs and forms as needed for your party. NOTE: this is a digital instant download item and NO PHYSICAL ITEM WILL BE SHIPPED. Download is in PDF format. Download is in PDF format for easy printing on A4 or US Letter 8.5"x11" cardstock or standard printer paper. DETAILS - Printable 8"x10" Give Your Pet a Check-Up sign - Printable 4"x6" Give Your Pet a Check-Up sign - Printable 5"X7" pet Exam Form perfect for mini clipboards - Printable ~5.5"X8.5" X-Ray Form - Immediately Printable on A4 or US Letter 8.5"x11" paper COPYRIGHT NOTICE All characters and designs in this product are copyright PAINTED WHITE LINES. All of the files included in this download are original and copyright to PAINTED WHITE LINES. They are for your personal use only and cannot be resold neither as is nor partially modified. You may not sell the items you make from these files. You cannot email or share the files with others. Sharing is not always caring ;) WHERE ARE MY FILES? See the "Here's how" link in the Downloads section below for more information on how Etsy Instant Downloads work. After your purchase is complete, simply download and print the files. The files will be available to you on your Etsy purchases page ( You may print as many copies of the printable decorations as you wish for your personal use. Print using your home printer or have professional prints made at a copy center/office supply store. To print, make sure that you print actual size, not using any type of scale/"fit to page" setting. Use a paper cutter and/or scissors to cut out printed items. IS THERE MORE Follow this link to visit the PaintedWhiteLines shop to see all of the wonderful matching things we have in store: Http:// Be sure to follow us on Pinterest and like us on Facebook so you will always be among the first to know about our new products.

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Puppy Party (Teal)

Kids LOVE dogs and my hand-drawn dogs are too dog gone cute. If you've got a birthday coming up, an Adopt a Puppy themed party is a fur-rific choice.

Purchase a stuffed puppy for each child as a party favor and let the children pick a pet to adopt! Set out my adoption activity printables along side some pipe cleaner and colorful beads so party goers can make a collar for their pet, any doctor's toys you may have so the pets can get their pre-adoption checkup, some favor boxes and markers, stickers etc. so the child can build a house for their new pet and your child is sure to have a party that is stuffed with fun!


Elizabeth on 4/25/2021

Kelcie on 3/22/2021

Loved this design. Very easy to edit and print!

These looked awesome at my daughter's birthday party and were really easy to edit and print!
Karen on 3/9/2020

Amber on 11/23/2019

Jessica on 11/18/2019

thanks - this made the party !

thanks - this made the party ! my older kids dressed up like a Vet and checked the puppies.
halo0428 on 10/10/2019

slinn01 on 10/8/2019

super nice seller who has a great shop on etsy. would definitely buy from her again. she customized stuff for me and was really responsive. great asset to the etsy community!