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Royally Awesome Princess Knight Cupcake Toppers Wrappers - $5.00

• Overview •

This Listing is or a set of Printable Royally Awesome Birthday Party Cupcake Toppers and Cupcake Wrappers feature my hand drawn Princesses, Knights, Prince and White Horse! Perfect for a boy-girl birthday party for a young child who loves to dress up! Cupcake toppes and wrappers assemble fast and easy and are immediately printable following purchase.

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Instand Download Printables

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- Printable Royally Awesome Birthday Party Cupcake Toppers and Cupcake Wrappers
- 12 cupcake toppers to a printed page featuring my three hand drawn princesses, two knights, one prince and one white horse
- Each cupcake topper is approximately 3.25" tall
- 2 striped wrappers to a printed page
- Print as many cupcake toppers and cupcake wrappers as necessary for your party
- Includes US Letter 8.5"x11" printables as well as A4 printables
- Immediately Printable on A4 or US Letter 8.5"x11" cardstock paper

- Cut out princesses and unicorns leaving a small white halo
- Center a toothpick at back of each cutout and secure with tape

- Cut out wrappers
- Wrap a wrapper around a cupcake and its liner
- Tape the wrapper at back to secure

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After purchase, all files labeled as Instand Downloads will be immediately available for download and print, to US Letter and A4, from your Etsy purchases page at

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Party Themes

Royally Awesome Princess Knight Party

Kids LOVE to pretend play making a costume dress up party the ideal party for young children. Featuring my hand-drawn princesses, prince, knights and white horse this Royally Awesome party is great for a boy/girl party that is as magical as your child is.

This party is perfect for a Girl/Boy costume dress-up party. If you are looking for something more girly, check out my Princess party.

For activities, you can have a costume contest, play bingo, rent a castle bouncy house, create crowns out of cardstock and decorate with markers and sticker jewels, swords out of cardboard and aluminum foil, or just let them pretend the day away.

When it comes time to say goodbye, a treasure chest filled with gold foiled candy or a loot bag filled with "royal treasure" (such as chocolate coins and gold foil wrapped candy) will be a hit with both girls and boys alike.