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Puppy and Kitty Party (Pink)

Looking for a super easy party idea for your child's birthday party? A Puppy Dog and Kitty Cat themed party is perfect for kids of all ages. Using our Puppy and Kitty Themed Party Printables you can set up a puppy and kitty themed party that is super inexpensive and easy to set up. The below party uses our printables in shades of teal, pink, yellow and salmon, but we've got another in rich shades of blue, red, yellow and orange.

Puppy and Kitty Party Invitation
Puppy and Kitty Party Cake Table
Puppy and Kitty Cupcake Toppers and Wrappers

Calling All Paw-ty Animals!

First, you'll need to invite your guests! We've got a super cute Personalized Puppy and Kitty Cat Party Invitation featuring three of our paw-ty animals.

Next, you'll need to decorate for your Puppy and Kitty Themed Party. We've got that covered too using our Puppy and Kitty Themed Party Printable Decorations.

Cake Table

Decorating a Puppy and Kitty themed cake table is as easy as 1-2-3-4-5!

  1. Hang our Personalized "Bakery" Cake Table Backdrop behind your cake table
  2. Cover your table in a cute table cloth
  3. Place your cake or cupcakes topped with our printable puppy and kitty themed cake/cupcake toppers on your table
  4. Add some glass containers or dog/cat bowls full of themed treats (see ideas below)
  5. Label everything with our editable party food label templates

Some cute and easy treat options for a puppy and kitty party are:


If you are planning a party around a lunch or dinner, you can get creative with a food table too. Here are just a few easy puppy and kitty themed food items:


A cute bucket filled with plastic silverware wrapped in napkins and secured with our Puppy and Kitty Themed Napkin Rings makes for an adorable centerpiece and gives guests easy access to napkins and silverware.


The best part of any party, besides the cake of course, is the party activies and these party activites are sure to keep your guests entertained:

Puppy and Kitty Party Adopt a Pet Activity
Puppy and Kitty Party Pet Vet Activity
Puppy and Kitty Party Make a Collar Activity

Pet Adoption

Setting up a Pet Adoption Center is a cute way to roll a party favor (a suffed puppy or kitty) into several party activities. Purchase a small stuffed puppy or kitty for each child as a party favor and place each one in a gabled box which acts as a "dog/cat house". Frame our Pet Adoption Party Activity Printables signage (or tape it to your wall using some cute washi tape) and place our pet adoption certificates and pens or pencils on the table so the kids can adopt a pet.

Give your Pet a Check-up

After kids officially adopt their pet, they can give it a check-up to make sure it is healthy. Set up a "Pet Vet" station using our Pet Check-Up Party Activity Printables and any toy doctor's supplies your child has. The party activity has cute exam forms for party guests to fill out while they give their pet a check-up. You can make these look extra official by placing each pet exam form in a mini clipboard.

Decorate a House for your pet

Once the pet gets the "all clear" from the vet, kids can decorate their pet's gabeled box home. Set up a "Decorate a House" station using our Decorate a House Party Activity Printables and any arts and craft items you have on hand: markers, construction paper, glue/glue sticks, scissors, etc.

Make a Collar for your pet

Set up a "Make a Collar" station using our Make a Collar Activity Printables along with colorful pipe cleaner and beads. Lettered beads work great because it allows the child to give their pet a name and make a personalized collar for their pet.